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David H. Paul, Inc.’s (DHP’s) Reverse Osmosis Specialist Certification Program certifies the knowledge and proficiency of personnel who work with reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) technologies.  DHP’s definitions:

  • Knowledge = understanding of theory, chemistry, monitoring, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Proficiency = ability to perform specified tasks related to RO water treatment


DHP’s Reverse Osmosis Specialist Certification Program has four levels.  These are:



Level1234   What is LearnedRO FundamentalsIntermediate ROAdvanced RORO MasteryCertificationReverse Osmosis Specialist I Reverse Osmosis Specialist II  Reverse Osmosis Specialist III  Reverse Osmosis Specialist IV


  • Certifications must be obtained sequentially (Level 1, then Level 2, etc.)
  • Certification is good for 3 years
  • Recertification requires a minimum of 24 hours of additional approved training and passing a Recertification Exam every 3 years.  There is a $50 fee to take the Recertification Exam.
  • DHP training is step by step, easy to understand and interesting.
  • DHP has successfully trained over 20,000 water treatment professionals including those who didn’t do well in high school 20 years ago
  • DHP’s training methodology ensures that each student who participates fully in the training will successfully pass the certification exams
  • For details, click on the RO Specialist Certification Handbook below



Being certified is valuable

  • Value to the certified individual
    • Increased promotion potential
    • Increased pay potential
  • Value to the company
    • Knowledgeable and proficient personnel provide:
      • Increased value to customers, owners and investors
      • A better profit margin
        • By making fewer costly mistakes
        • By catching problems at an earlier stage


What Certification Level Should You Have?

  • Everyone involved in reverse osmosis water treatment should have the knowledge and proficiencies taught in Reverse Osmosis Specialist I & Reverse Osmosis Specialist II.  This includes operators, maintenance personnel, instrumentation/control techs, supervisors, managers, service techs, etc.
  • Lead personnel, plant engineers and anyone involved in monitoring the performance and troubleshooting problems of high-tech water treatment systems should additionally have Reverse Osmosis Specialist III & Reverse Osmosis Specialist IV certification.


For complete details, please download DHP’s Reverse Osmosis Specialist Certification Handbook


To Purchase a Reverse Osmosis Specialist (ROS) Certification Level:


CertificationROS I Online ROS I SeminarROS II SeminarROS III SeminarROS IV SeminarLinksAdd to CartClick Here (Then filter by Level 1 Certification)Click Here (Then filter by Level 2 Certification)Click Here (Then filter by Level 3 Certification)Click Here (Then filter by Level 4 Certification)



Contact us with questions1-877-711-4347 or emailorDownload ourRO Specialist
Cert. Handbook



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