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Element Cleaning Evaluations


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A DHP RO Membrane Element Chemical Cleaning Evaluation provides a client with the best cleaner(s) and the best procedure to use to chemically clean a fouled and/or scaled reverse osmosis (RO) or nanofiltration (NF) unit.  DHP does not sell equipment or chemicals, so the results of the cleaning evaluation are unbiased.


DHP has performed cleaning evaluations for high-tech water treatment systems since the 1990s.  DHP has performed dozens of cleaning evaluations.



Others’ Cleaning Evaluations

Most reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) membrane element cleaning evaluations are performed by membrane water treatment chemical vendors.  This is because if you’re a good client, you may get the evaluation for free.  Only the chemicals sold by that vendor, however, are tested so the results are biased.


Vendors may also evaluate cleaners on membrane that does NOT include the feed spacer.  This makes cleaning much simpler, but is not realistic.


DHP Cleaning Evaluations Are Unique in the Industry

Before Cleaning


A DHP cleaning evaluation includes:

  • Client sends DHP two membrane elements from the same location, for example, two lead elements from the first stage.
  • DHP performs a complete Membrane Element Autopsy on one element.
  • DHP determines which generic and/or proprietary chemicals will remove the most foulant and/or scalant.  Typically, at least 2 dozen cleaners are tested.  A video clip is provided to client for any unique results found. Click [HERE] for an example.
  • DHP has invented different pieces of equipment to visualize the cleaning in real time. DHP tries different procedures to see what is required to remove the foulant and/or scalant.  One or more video clips are provided to client to document the results.  Click [HERE] for an example.

After 1st Procedure



  • DHP uses the recommended cleaner(s) and procedure to chemically clean the second element sent.
    • The element’s performance is documented prior to cleaning
    • The element is cleaned
    • The element’s performance is documented after the cleaning
    • If the element is not cleaned back to new or near-new performance, the element is opened and inspected to determine why
  • The Final Report provides a step-by-step, highly visual documentation of the findings, the procedure and the recommendations.

After 2nd Procedure


  • The turnaround time is 3-4 weeks for a Standard Cleaning Evaluation.
  • The turnaround time is 2-3 weeks for an Emergecy Cleaning Evaluation.
  • A telephone call or VOIP conference is scheduled to discuss the Final Report if desired by client.

After 3rd Procedure



For cleaning evaluationscall us at1-877-711-4347orUse ourContact Form


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