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A lot of consulting can be done more cost effectively over the telephone or on a computer-based conference call where computer screens can be shared.  In today’s world of being able to quickly and easily share documents, photographs, Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P & IDs) and more, most consulting can be done without an on-site visit.


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DHP has provided e-consulting services that were one-hour long to weekly 30-minute calls to monitor, evaluate, recommend and train plant personnel that lasted several months. Some examples of where DHP has provided and can provide e-consulting:

  • Answer questions and provide recommendations concerning one or more problems
  • Assist in chemical cleaning
  • Provide recommendations for biofouling control
  • Evaluate system performance
  • Create an online performance monitoring program
  • Train plant personnel in evaluating performance data
  • Evaluate system design and operation
  • Assist in writing or reviewing plant operating and monitoring procedures
  • Perform a cost-reduction evaluation
  • Assist in evaluating bids
  • Many more


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