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DHP has experience providing expert witness services. We provide an unbiased evaluation and opinion based on the data. We can provide expert witness services in the areas of:

  • Reverse osmosis & nanofiltration
    • Design
    • Operation
    • Chemical cleaning
  • Other areas
    • Other high-tech water treatment technologies


Services include:

  1. Helping you determine if a lawsuit is viable
  2. Helping you win a lawsuit brought against you
  3. Helping you win a lawsuit you have initiated


Examples of DHP Expert Witness Cases


DETERMINE IF A LAWSUITIS JUSTIFIEDFOR THE DEFENDANTFOR THE PLAINTIFFCleaning Chemical Caused Destruction of Membrane? A complete set of RO elements was destroyed during a chemical cleaning at a client's facility. Upon investigation, it was found that the cleaning chemical formulation had been changed. The client felt that the destruction of membrane was due to the change. The client hired DHP to evaluate the data and determine if a lawsuit was justified.  After reviewing the operating and cleaning data, DHP determined that a lawsuit was not justified. A different RO unit had been cleaned with the same formulation with good results. It was determined that operator error, likely overheating of the cleaning solution at high pH, had caused the damage. This saved the company from pursuing a lawsuit which would have ended up being expensive, time-consuming and embarrassing. They would have lost! DETERMINE IF A LAWSUIT IS JUSTIFIEDEvaluate the Poor Performance of a Seawater RO System There was a lawsuit against a client seeking several million dollars for damages allegedly caused by the poor performance of a seawater RO system purchased from the client. DHP was hired to review the data, conduct an on-site evaluation of the equipment and provide a report on the outcome of the investigation. DHP's evaluation and report showed that the Plaintiff had clearly not followed recommendations for proper pretreatment, had pumped sand into the system, had removed the cartridge prefilters when the sand plugged them up, then pumped sand into the high pressure pump and RO unit, plus there were a multitude of other operational errors. The lawsuit was settled for significantly less than the cost of continuing the defense. Sometimes it makes economic sense to settle if it's unlikely you can recover the money spent on defense if you win.FOR THE DEFENDANTEvaluate the Poor Performance of an RO System A client had purchased a large RO system. The RO system did not meet performance guarantees. The client sued the company that had sold the RO system. The client hired DHP to evaluate the data and provide a report. This was a complex situation that required considerable research including a lot of technical services (autopsies, cleaning evaluation, etc.) as well as DHP obtaining services from other expert sources. The case was settled with several million dollars paid to the client.FOR THE PLAINTIFF


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