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DHP’s online training can’t be beat.  The training is excellent.  You can learn whenever you like.  You can learn for minutes or hours at a time…whatever works for you.  You can receive Reverse Osmosis Specialist I certification online!


The benefits of online training include:

  • Lower costs
  • No travel expenses
  • Train anywhere in the world
  • Train at any time of day or night
  • A resource you can keep coming back to
  • An independent verification of your knowledge


We also offer discounts for multiple user signups.


The rates are:


  • 1-2: 0% off
  • 3-5: 5% off
  • 6-9: 10% off
  • 10-14: 15% off
  • 15+: 20% off


Call or email Darrell Cunningham for discount details and codes.


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Water Treatment Training, Reverse Osmosis

David H. Paul, Inc.  provides water treatment training and consulting to industrial water treatment facilities.  Our specialty is Reverse Osmosis and Membrane Technology.  We also teach pretreatment and High Purity Water Treatment such as Electrodeionization (EDI), Ion Exchange, Ultraviolet Irradiation and Multimedia Mixed Beds.  It is important for industries you use the water treatment training information to save costly damage to water treatment training equipment.  Reverse osmosis systems can cost in time and money,  Membrane water treatment is a ever advancing technology and David H. Paul, Inc. provides the water treatment training and consulting to help companies design and operate reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration systems to best of their capacity.



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Water Treatment Training
Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration water treatment training