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The BEST way to determine if a corporate training program is right for you and your company is to contact David Paul at dpaul@dhptraining.com or fill out the Contact Form above or below.


True Story

David Paul became an Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment Operator in 1977 at an 1,800 Megawatt coal-fired power plant.  This was one of the first, and still one of the largest, zero liquid discharge (no water pollution) facilities in the world.  All of the wastewater from the plant went to holding ponds, then through pretreatment and to a then-new technology…reverse osmosis.  The wastewater treatment plant was medium in size, costing tens of millions in today’s dollars.


David was trained by the most experienced operator at the time, who only had been at the plant about a month.  After following this person around for a couple of weeks, David was put on graveyard shift operating the facility…many times alone.  Many costly problems occurred during the first year, including going through over $1,000,000 in membrane elements.  Some problems were due to design.  Some problems were due to inadequate training. This system was eventually shut down and a new, much larger system built, with a different pretreatment system.


True Story

In 1983, David was the Manager of the new $300-400 million (today’s dollars) Zero Liquid Discharge wastewater treatment systems at the plant described above.  He had 35 supervisors and operators under him.  There was no training available except for the startup training and Operations & Maintenance (O & M) manuals supplied by the Architect & Engineering firm.


To protect the $300-400 million investment, David with others created a four-year training program for the operators.  Each week every operator read an assignment covering water treatment math, chemistry, operation, monitoring and troubleshooting and then went to the shift supervisor’s office and took a test.  Successfully completing each year of tests resulted in advancement and a raise.  That plant has been at Zero Liquid Discharge since 1983…a phenomenal achievement in improving the quality of the Colorado River system.




Corporate Training Programs

DHP can provide any level of assistance up to a full turnkey training program for one facility or for multiple facilities.  Areas include:


Examples of Corporate Training Programs

ONEFACILITYMANYFACILITIESDHP created a turnkey computer-based site-specific training program for a large pharmaceutical plant. DHP sent its video crew to the plant to videotape the equipment, procedures, etc.  Modules included:        • Water Treatment Math        • Water Treatment Chemistry        • Pretreatment        • Reverse Osmosis        • Ion Exchange        • Distillation        • Storage & Distribution    ONE FACILITYDHP created a turnkey online training program for a Fortune 100 semiconductor/microelectronics company.  The program contained nearly 200 “chapters”.  Each chapter included:        • Glossary        • Text        • Practice Exam        • Chapter Exam There were roughly 2,000 pages on Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment and 2,000 pages on High Purity Water Treatment. MANY FACILITIES


The BEST way to determine if a corporate training program is right for you and your company is to contact David Paul at dpaul@dhptraining.com or fill out the Contact Form above or below.


To learn more aboutCorporate Training Programscall us at1-877-711-4347orUse ourContact Form 


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Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration water treatment training

Water Treatment Training, Reverse Osmosis

David H. Paul, Inc.  provides water treatment training and consulting to industrial water treatment facilities.  Our specialty is Reverse Osmosis and Membrane Technology.  We also teach pretreatment and High Purity Water Treatment such as Electrodeionization (EDI), Ion Exchange, Ultraviolet Irradiation and Multimedia Mixed Beds.  It is important for industries you use the water treatment training information to save costly damage to water treatment training equipment.  Reverse osmosis systems can cost in time and money,  Membrane water treatment is a ever advancing technology and David H. Paul, Inc. provides the water treatment training and consulting to help companies design and operate reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration systems to best of their capacity.



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